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Lendlease is committed to being a good neighbour in all communities in which we work, and Barangaroo South is no exception. We are focused on developing a culture of transparent and open communication with all community members and stakeholders who have an interest in the project.

The Community Development team provides many official opportunities for local businesses and community members to provide direct feedback to Lendlease and our government partners, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority.

With the completion of the first stage of Barangaroo South, the former Barangaroo Construction Liaison Group (BCLG) dissolved. Lendlease and the Barangaroo Delivery Authority formed the BCLG with an aim to help proactively manage construction work impacts and communicate important information about the project to our neighbouring commercial stakeholders while providing an open space for feedback. 

While direct engagement continues with our stakeholders, the Community Development team will soon re-establish the BCLG as work ramps up on the next stage of the Barangaroo South project.

This forum is best suited to those within each organisation who are responsible for communicating updates to employees and their stakeholders. To find out more, contact the Community Development Team on 1300 039 733.

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November 2013: Remediation fact sheet


Lendlease is committed to ensuring the environment is protected during both the construction and operation of Barangaroo South. Areas of Barangaroo South that are under construction operate under an Environmental Protection Licence (13336),  from the EPA, which regulates air quality, water quality and noise. The Licence also requires extensive environmental monitoring. 

Monitoring helps ensure no adverse impacts result from construction activities at Barangaroo South and assists the construction team to implement appropriate environmental controls on site. 

Click on the fact sheets below to view information about the environmental management at Barangaroo South.

Air quality fact sheet
Noise fact sheet
Water quality fact sheet