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A summary of environmental monitoring results are presented below:

Type of
Monitoring Event 

Number of monitoring
events undertaken to date

Air quality Demolition in Watermans Cove is finished and air quality monitoring has ceased.
Noise Demolition and piling in Watermans Cove are complete and noise monitoring has ceased.
Vibration Piling in Watermans Cove is finished and vibration monitoring has ceased.
Water quality
Demolition and piling in Watermans Cove are finished and water quality monitoring has ceased.

  • Environmental monitoring summary reports for the One Sydney Harbour precinct can be found here.
  • Works are progressing for Watermans Cove with demolition and piling complete. Structural works and finishes are continuing. Works are expected to be complete around September 2020.
  • Please contact the Community Development team for any enquiries associated with this project.
  • Please call the 24 hour information line, 1300 039 733 or email [email protected]

Complaints Register

Please click here to view the complaints register for this project, last updated on 4 March 2020.
The second Independent Environmental Audit has been conducted. The audit report and responses can be found