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The highly coveted Anadara and Alexander residences sold out within hours of release.

Introducing Anadara and Alexander – the most beautiful homes in the most beautiful harbour city in the world. Few places offer the chance to live right on the water, yet right in the heart of a vibrant city. Barangaroo is such a place.

Created by renowned PTW architect Andrew Andersons, Alexander is a boutique building inspired by its maritime setting. Lush green gardens embrace the facade and rooftop, magnificently framing Alexander’s harbour views.

The second building, Anadara, is designed by FJMT’s renowned Richard Francis-Jones and is named after the Sydney Cockle. Its fluid form responds to the ever-changing Harbour landscape that opens before it.

Both buildings occupy absolute waterfront position. Every apartment boasts views of stunning Sydney Harbour while expansive terraces offer a sense of space that feels as much outside as in.

The 159 residences within the two buildings were released in August 2013 and sold out within-three-and-a-half hours.

Barangaroo South 5 Star Green Star Design

Disclaimer: Images are artists impressions for illustrative purposes only (as at May 2014).


Anadara and Alexander were designed by some of Australia’s leading architects


'It's amazing to have this opportunity to put these residential buildings right on the water's edge. Living in your apartment, you're always connected to the green elements of the façade design, always in touch with the environment.'


"It's a remarkable architecture in which to live." The main building's linear screen system opens up to embrace the Harbour while in Anadara every floor, every apartment is different as each steps out and back in this very fluid form."


"What's special about these spaces is that they always maintain their outward-looking perspective. Subtle curves mimic the exterior cloud-like form and everything is always channelling you through to the view.”


"In creating these spaces, we were drawn to the glittering Harbour view, the way the light moves across the water, the reflectivity of the Harbour."


"The Harbour location is sensational. The view is endlessly changing, through the seasons and the day. We wanted that to flow inside. There's a real simplicity to the spaces that feels calming, crafted and beautiful to live in. The luxuriously raw palette reveals materials in an almost untouched state that's very calming."