Education innovation brings Barangaroo into the classroom

Lendlease and more than 100 leaders from the New South Wales (NSW) educational community have launched a new education initiative that is leading the way in the future delivery of Geography education.

Lendlease Managing Director of Barangaroo South, Andrew Wilson, said the Discover Barangaroo learning portal will add an exciting new dimension to the state’s Geography teaching syllabus: “More than 60,000 NSW secondary school students who study Geography each year will have the opportunity to benefit from this first-of-its-kind program, by gaining practical insight into Australia’s largest building project, Barangaroo.”

Representatives from the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW, the Association of Independent Schools NSW and Geography teachers from around the state joined Andrew and employees from Lendlease and Barangaroo Delivery Authority to celebrate the launch at the company’s headquarters.

Mr Wilson added that he is particularly proud of Discover Barangaroo because the idea originated from Lendlease employees: “We strive to achieve the extraordinary at Barangaroo South and this excellent initiative was created by our talented Community Development team.”

The team worked closely with Dr Grant Kleeman, an Honorary Fellow from School of Education at Macquarie University, to tailor the content of the portal to the Geography teaching syllabus, focusing predominantly on the environment and sustainability, as well as urban regeneration and the processes shaping urban communities.

Dr Kleeman said Discover Barangaroo will complement the theoretical concepts of Geography in an interactive and engaging way: “Lendlease has incorporated a range of material from animated fly-throughs, videos, photographs, maps and a live webcam so students can truly engage in the changes occurring at Barangaroo in a visually interesting and relevant manner.”

Following a successful 18-month trial period across approximately 100 schools, Discover Barangaroo will be officially available to secondary geography students from 16 June 2015. 


  • The Discover Barangaroo online portal is an interactive website resource targeted at school students studying Geography in Stages 4 to 6 (Years 7-12).
  • The aim of the portal is for Barangaroo, as a world class project, to be a living case-study for students to use to gain valuable insights into urban renewal and urban regeneration.
  • The resource enables students to develop their critical thinking and consider a range of perspectives on what is the largest urban renewal project that Australia has ever seen. 
  • Students are able to observe the transformation taking place in an inner-city urban precinct that is directly relevant to their theoretical learning. They can see how the processes of urban decay, renewal and consolidation help to shape new and vibrant parts of our city. They also have the ability to study the world’s leading practices in environmental and social sustainability in an interactive way. 
  • The portal also talks to the needs to teachers by providing clear curriculum mapping and a number of virtual fieldwork resources to illustrate the learnings from the resource.
  • Discover Barangaroo is an online educational resource that is available to all geography students, both in Australia and around the globe, who want a new and relevant Sydney based case study highlighting urban renewal. 
  • Discover Barangaroo will be officially available to secondary geography students from 16 June 2015. It can be accessed by logging on to