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Pre-qualification is based on a proven record of exceptional performance as well as capability and capacity of the applicant to undertake the works or supply a product.

Applicants that demonstrate a sound business structure, effective management systems, appropriate qualifications and expertise, relevant experience and a history of good project performance may be eligible for pre-qualification.

The pre-qualification questionnaire is a nine (9) step process as shown below:

Step 1:  Acceptance of the Barangaroo Subcontract Terms and Conditions
Step 2:  Organisational Structure 
Step 3:  Design Capability
Step 4:  Experience 
Step 5:  Current Workload
Step 6:  Environmental Health and Safety
Step 7:  Quality Management 
Step 8:  Sustainability 
Step 9:  Commercial and Finance 

Note: You will need to have copies of your balance sheets (FY10, FY11, FY12, FY13, FY14 and FY15) to complete step 9.

Important: The pre-qualification process will potentially pre-qualify you as a potential tenderer for the Barangaroo South Project only. It does not automatically pre-qualify you as a potential tenderer for any other Lendlease project.

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