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The pre-qualification close-off dates are listed below. It is recommended that you complete the pre-qualification questionnaire within the timeframes provided below for the current round works.

The final close-off date is final. Non-conforming submissions, including submissions received after the close-off date, may be considered at the absolute discretion of Lendlease.

It is recommended that you review this page regularly for updates.

CURRENT ROUND: Crown Hotel & Residential Towers.

To proceed to the Barangaroo Pre-Qualification Questionnaire you must first register your interest. Once registered you will receive an email containing your registration ID and a link directing you to the Pre-Qualification Application Process login page and securely login and proceed to the pre-qualification questionnaire.

Stage 2 Pre-Qualification Submissions (For nominated applicants only)

If you have received a notification requesting the submission of an Industrial Relations Audit or Financial Assessment reports please click here to submit the requested information.

Package   Open Date  Close-off Date 
Materials Handling & Preliminary Items  OPEN  
Facade and BMU Systems  OPEN
Structural Steel OPEN
Services  OPEN
Internal Finishes OPEN
External Works and Landscaping OPEN
Concrete Structure Packages CLOSED

NOTE: Pre-qualification is valid for 12 months from date of questionnaire submission.