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The harbour was important to Barangaroo and she used a canoe (Nawi) to fish in the waters around Sydney Harbour. The women would use a hook and line to catch fish to provide food for their clan. Children were taken out with the fisherwomen to learn how to catch fish and small fires were lit on the Nawi to cook the fish as they worked. 
The first two Stories in the Sky water stencils were taken from Magura Badu (fish in water) designed by Aunty Glenda Merritt, Ngunnawal elder and artist who has worked in the Barangaroo precinct in a variety of roles. 

She shared her knowledge and artistic techniques with Social Sustainability Manager for One Sydney Harbour, Katherine Bushell who contributed to the artwork. 
The artwork represents how the sky and the water are connected by the way they reflect each other. This reflection from the sky to water shows how the stars in the sky can represent the starfish in the water and the crescent moon can represent the abalone and hooks used for fishing. This is all a connection to land whereby the fisherwomen, such as Barangaroo, would fish by the night following the stars and by the day directed by the season, would show which sea food would be a viable catch for the clan.  

WATER – ARTWORKS 3, 4 and 5 

We invited children of NSW Lendlease staff and their family and friends to submit a piece of art and a story behind it for a competition to complete the water theme.   

The three artworks were chosen by a judging panel and will be progressively installed on the core of Residences One from late 2020. There were so many thoughtful entries submitted, read on to see who created the artworks and read about what inspired them.