Barangaroo and her clan respected the land, only using the resources they needed. They used things found in the natural environment for food, medicine, shelter and tools. 

Artworks 1 & 2 by Guardian Childcare Centre, Barangaroo

The first two pieces of art in the ‘Land’ series were created by children who attend Guardian Childcare Centre at Barangaroo. The Social Sustainability team spent some time with the enthusiastic kindy kids and talk to them about Barangaroo the woman and why respecting our land is so important. The children soon got off to work with their pencils, crayons and textas and produced two stunningly colourful pieces of art which will be on the core of the building in early 2021.

Loving the land

This is Barangaroo and she is a leader. She looks after the land and looks after her people.

Created By
Henri, 5
Sithara, 5
April, 4
Archer, 4
Kathy, 3
Lillian, 4
Cristina, 5

Who lives on the land?

The children questioned, who lives on the land and what patterns can we see?

Created by
Olivia, 3
Sithara 5
April 4
Cristina 5