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Information associated with the Public Domain at Barangaroo South

Public Domain (SSD 7944)

In line with the conditions of consent for the SSD 7944 for the next stage of the Public Domain at Barangaroo South, please find following specific documents of reference:

  1. Environmental Impact Statement for this DA.
    Response to Submissions for this DA.
    Approved architectural plans for the Public Domain, prepared by Grants Associates.
    Signed development consent for the Public Domain

  2. B6: Construction Remediation Staging Plan 
    C2: Community Communications Strategy
    B9: Unexpected Finds Protocol
    C13: Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
    C14: Construction Pedestrian and Traffic Management Plan
    C17: Water and Stormwater Management Plan
    C18: Construction Vessel Traffic Management Plan

  1. A summary of environmental monitoring results are presented below:
  2. Type of monitoring event

    Number of monitoring events undertaken to date

    Air quality

    Air monitoring is undertaken continuously at the boundary of the site.


    Noise monitoring is undertaken continuously at the boundary of the site.


    Vibration monitoring is undertaken continuously at the nearest basement structure.


    Ambient water monitoring of the Harbour is undertaken continuously.

  3. Environmental monitoring summary reports for the One Sydney Harbour precinct can be found here
  4. Works are underway to create Watermans Cove, one of the significant new public areas of Barangaroo. Works are expected to be complete around September 2020. Please click here for the latest construction notification for this project.
  5. Please contact the Community Development team for any enquiries associated with this project. 
  6. Please call the 24 hour information line, 1300 039 733 or email
  7. The below table will be updated on a monthly basis:
  8. Complaints Register



    1 complaints received.

    1 resolved and closed out.

  9. The first Independent Environmental Audit has been conducted with no resulting actions identified. The audit report can be found here.