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At Barangaroo South, we undertake a range of community focused initiatives and programs which help to create a lasting legacy and demonstrate our inherent commitment to delivering positive social outcomes for the precinct.

We aim to leave a positive social legacy that benefits everyone in the community.

We hope to achieve this reality for all who visit Barangaroo South through facilitating employment skilling and training programs including our onsite learning hub, the Barangaroo Skills Exchange, arts and cultural programs, as well as health and wellbeing initiatives for a productive workforce, under Lendlease’s Climate Positive Work Plan. 


The Barangaroo South Community Partnership is an important way of bringing together organisations in our precinct, with a shared vision for a sustainable and inclusive community.

We bring together the capability and know-how of partner organisations to achieve positive outcomes at an unprecedented scale. 

Click here for more information about the Barangaroo South Community Partnership.


Each November, Year 10 students from various Sydney High Schools come together for a week of work experience with the Barangaroo South team.

The students are tasked with creating a consultancy firm and asked to advise Lendlease on their ideas for developing a portion of Barangaroo South. Throughout the week, the students receive guidance from various Lendlease experts whose knowledge and experience of Barangaroo South helps the students make their recommendations for their development area.

The focus areas include design, planning, sustainability, retail, construction, community engagement, marketing and communications. This gives the students an overview of the development and construction industry and opens their eyes to the different career opportunities available to them. 

To apply for the 2018 program please email with your name, school, and contact details and let us know why you would like to spend a week at Barangaroo South.

Barangaroo Skills Exchange


Established since 2012, the Barangaroo Skills Exchange (BSX) is a partnership between Lendlease and TAFENSW. 

The BSX sources, coordinates and reports on all aspects of skilling and training to support the construction phase of Barangaroo South, Sydney’s ten-year, $6 billion, urban regeneration project, which aims to be one of the world’s most sustainable global business centres.

Building Barangaroo South has not only faced the challenged of sourcing appropriately skilled labour, but the need to develop a green-skilled workforce, with capability in:

  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable materials
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green buildings
  • Sustainable water systems
  • Waste recycling

The BSX is challenging traditional approaches to workplace skilling and training by

  • Operating as a ‘one stop shop’ with easy onsite access as a pop-up college in a ‘real world’ workplace setting
  • Aggregating the training needs of over 600 medium and smaller contractors
  • Using multiple training providers to deliver a “best of breed” approach
  • Providing ‘Just in time’, ‘fit for purpose’ training
  • Supporting apprentices and trainees to pursue completions through mentoring
  • Delivering flexibly around construction schedules, weather and shift work
  • Centralising coordination of training, at an accessible location on site
  • Leveraging expertise to access funding for targeted training on a project-wide basis
  • Focusing on ‘green-skilling’ to respond to cutting- edge environmental technologies, construction methods and products used for the Barangaroo site
  • Evolving beyond the construction phase to offer learning opportunities for the local business community
  • Building workforce capability for the construction industry as a project legacy

A cornerstone of the BSX is ‘Foundation Skills’, where workers can get help with reading, writing or calculations at any time, in a flexible ‘drop in’ environment with specialised language, literacy, numeracy teachers on hand.

View the BSX SROI Summary Highlights Report


Construction labourers and plant operators have traditionally presented lower levels of literacy and numeracy in the workforce, potentially due to disrupted schooling, or limitations with English language.  This has flow-on impacts to a construction site in terms of consistency in safe work practices, productivity and efficiency, levels of re-work to correct defects from poorly understood instructions, and level of supervisory time and cost. Lower levels of literacy and numeracy are also a barrier to retraining for mature aged workers, which can limit future opportunities for their economic participation.

Around 40% of the workers who engage with the Skills Exchange, experience accredited training for the first time. The broad-based learning is life changing for the workers and their families. Workers have expressed increased confidence and pride, and feel they can aspire to work opportunities they had not thought they could do previously.

  • Over 4000 workers have received support with English language, literacy or numeracy. Workers have literally learned to read at the Skills Exchange!  Workers have understood mathematical concepts in an applied setting for the first time!  Workers have learned to use computers, iPads and smartphones at the Skills Exchange!  
  • Almost 10,600 workers gained almost 20,162 accredited training outcomes ranging from Skill Sets to Advanced Diplomas. 
  • 821 apprentices, including 65 Indigenous apprentices have been supported and mentored through the BSX Apprentice Mentoring program.
  • Apprentice completion rates at Barangaroo are at (85%) compared to NSW average (47%) – the flow on benefit being a significant increase in earning potential for apprentices’ transition to work as qualified tradespeople, and supply of trades people to market. Apprentice mentoring skills apprentices and directly assists in supporting higher completion rates.
  • A further 208 Indigenous workers have also been supported. 
  • Another 20,014 social and awareness outcomes delivered to support the wellbeing of individuals. These include Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness, Quit Smoking, Healthy Eating, Incident and Injury Free, and Asbestos / Hazardous Materials Awareness sessions.
  • 2,899 workers have studied and gained licences from external accrediting authorities such as SafeWork NSW to operate plant and equipment, or work in high risk situations such as confined spaces, working at heights, or working in contaminated areas.
  • 85 mature aged workers have received re-training at the BSX to transition to new work roles.
  • 145 unemployed young people have enrolled in pre-vocational construction programs learning basic skills to work in the construction and building industries.

The BSX has recently been recognised for several awards, as an exemplar of innovation, and of industry collaboration with government. The model is also being replicated on major development and infrastructure projects across NSW, such as the Parramatta Skills Exchange, NorthConnex, and internationally, including Tun Razak Exchange in Malaysia and the ‘Ara’ Skills Exchange, for the Auckland Airport Redevelopment, New Zealand.


Community Day is an opportunity for Lendlease employees to work alongside their colleagues, community partners, family and suppliers on a project identified as important to the community in which we live and work.

Since the Barangaroo South project commenced in 2011 hundreds of our employees have volunteered their time at local not for profit organisations and public schools that may have had funding cut. 

As a group we’re proud of the great work done to date. We have helped to make a difference to our local community, and contribute to a shared purpose for the benefit of all.

Community Day projects are sourced and initiated by our people. With plenty of projects that need a helping hand everyone has the opportunity to jump on board and make a difference. Community Day is scheduled for the third Thursday of each September. If you would like to recommend a project to the Barangaroo South Team please contact


Oral Histories is a four-year partnership agreement with the Sydney Theatre Company which will provide short films interviewing key people involved on the project.

Oral Histories capture key people’s memories of their involvement with the project and will assemble a library of footage to record key moments and milestones. Our first video is below.

View the short video that uncovers the history of Barangaroo