Barangaroo Remediation

Barangaroo was once home to the Millers Point Gasworks, which operated from the mid-1800s through to 1918 and lit the way for Sydney to become a modern city. After the gasworks was decommissioned, its aboveground structures were removed but contaminated soil and tanks containing coal tar were left underground, where they remain today.

What is happening behind this fence?

Work has started in Australia’s largest remediation project. This includes digging out the 150,000 tonnes of contaminated material at Barangaroo where the contaminated material is then transported to off-site treatment facilities.

On site the construction of large underground walls from the surface all the way down to bedrock is underway. This will isolate the site from the harbour as this area is tidal in nature. Once complete, these walls will mean the site is watertight and we will dig out the material for treatment.

The large white tents you can see are the onsite facilities to control and contain odours from the contaminated materials.

The contaminated materials are sorted, stockpiled and loaded for transport in these facilities. The air inside is filtered, and clean air released through the stacks.

What monitoring is in place?

Comprehensive real time monitoring is in place for noise, odour and dust and these results are regularly reported to the Environmental Protection Authority.

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