Commercial | World-class office space, now in Sydney

The space of Canary Wharf. The presence of ICC. The vibrancy of Marina Bay. Barangaroo deliberately benchmarks against the world’s best, to offer an outstanding home for business.

Sydney’s CBD is undergoing a major transformation. Lendlease has partnered with the NSW Government and some of the world’s leading architects to create the ultimate business precinct for your organisation.

We’re shaping an entirely new part of the CBD on the Sydney Harbour waterfront, with new offices, apartments, restaurants, cafes, parks and harbour walkways.  Barangaroo is a dynamic extension of the city, recognisable around the world and rapidly becoming a premier commercial hub for the Asia Pacific region.

International Towers Sydney offers scale and quality that has been deliberately benchmarked against the likes of ICC in Hong Kong, Marina Bay Financial Centre in Singapore and Canary Wharf in London. The development has already opened up a whole new side of the city, shifting the centre of gravity for the CBD down to the waterfront.

Future-focused organisations demand flexible and sustainable workplaces for enhanced productivity and innovation. This design imperative has resulted in large, adaptable floor plates and the integration of advanced technology infrastructure throughout the development also helps improve operating efficiency and sustainability.

Best practice architecture, urban planning, infrastructure and dynamic retail amenities ensure Barangaroo is regarded as a highly desirable place to work, making it easier to attract and retain key talent.

International Towers Sydney will define Sydney as a leading 21st century world city for the Asia Pacific region.