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Physical fitness may be the secret to climbing the corporate ladder.

“I spend my days telling clients that routines are the key to unlocking personal performance,” says Andrew May, Partner of the KPMG Performance Clinic. “For me, that involved a very early start to ensure I have enough time to complete a physical and mental workout before the work day begins.” The evidence connecting physical health with mental wellbeing is well established. However the most recent research suggests the relationship between body and mind may be more symbiotic than first expected. It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s most successful people are uncompromising in making time to improve and maintain physical fitness.

Many follow a strict regimen of morning workouts, or schedule short bouts of exercise amongst a diary full of meetings. The reason is a growing tide of research connecting physical health and mobility to improved brain function, memory and judgement - all essential ingredients to performing at ones best. Staying fit doesn’t necessarily need the guidance of a fitness professional or waking at ungodly hours. It’s essentially a matter of opportunity, and it seems working in an environment that supports the intention to be active could be the key. “The days of needing a whole hour for an effective training session are over,” says Chris Reid, Personal Trainer and Area Fitness Manager, Fitness First. “A 30-minute freestyle session that focuses on aerobic endurance and mobility is highly effective. And even a brisk five minute walk outside can do wonders.”

Seizing on an opportunity to cater to the growing demands for fitness-based services of astute, time poor office workers, Fitness First has opened not one, but two facilities at Barangaroo: a new state-of-the-art Titanium Club in Tower One of International Towers Sydney, and a world-first 'The Space Studio' providing Pilates, yoga, BARRE and relaxation classes.

Access to quality end-of-travel facilities encourages more fitness-friendly travel options, such as cycling. The new end-of-trip facilities offered at International Towers Sydney are arguably one of the most advanced in the city, allowing a growing two-wheeled army of professionals to use their daily commute as a cardiac workout, and arrive at their workstations fresh and primed for business. International Towers Sydney also has the unique fortune of being situated on the harbour’s edge, and in close proximity to Sydney’s newest headland park, Barangaroo Reserve. This means professionals at any fitness level can make use of the city’s best new walking and running tracks while absorbing the incredibly calming influence of the water.

For many innovative and successful organisations, ensuring their executives and teams are in prime condition to perform, both physically and mentally, starts with their address. The right location, it seems, can hold the key to keeping people active, engaged and performing to their full potential.

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