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Since the 1950’s, Lendlease has delivered some of Sydney’s most significant developments – buildings which have shaped the course of this great city.

Our track record can be measured by the millions of people who come into contact with our buildings and projects. What we do has impact, and we are passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for today and for generations to come.

Lendlease is a pioneer in sustainability. We build on what we’ve learned, and apply innovation to every new project we undertake. At Barangaroo South we are aiming to create not just sustainable buildings, but a thriving sustainable world class precinct.

To achieve this ambition we’ve committed to a Climate-Positive Work Plan. This plan considers in great detail the sustainability aspects of everything we’re doing and how it is delivered. From the materials we use to how energy is generated, from water recycling to how waste is handled.

We’ve looked at the project from every angle to identify ways we can design, share, reduce or recycle to minimise the impact that constructing and operating our buildings will have on the planet.

We have also developed a comprehensive social sustainability plan which aims to leave a positive social legacy through skilling, employment diversity and community initiatives.

Our Sustainability Plan provides an overview of the actions and measures we are taking to ensure the plans for Barangaroo South deliver benefits for the environment, the economy and society.

Our Climate Change Adaptation & Community Resilience report raises awareness about climate change and how it might impact our built environment and our communities. It was one of the first ever done for a project in Australia and sets the benchmark.

Our 2018 Annual Sustainability Report provides an overview of our progress in implementing our sustainability plans from 2016-2018.

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