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Barangaroo is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a vibrant new place to live, work and visit.!

Located on the western edge of Sydney’s central business district, Barangaroo spans 22 hectares along Sydney’s remarkable harbour.  It is split into three development areas.

Lend Lease is responsible for Barangaroo South – the southern 7.5 hectares of the site which is destined to become the greenest and most advanced financial district in Australia.  It will have a mix of uses, including commercial, residential, retail and dining, along with a new landmark hotel.  It will become home to around 1,800 residents and 23,000 office workers and, with more than 50% of the precinct open public space and 100% of the foreshore to be fully accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, it is expected to attract some 18 million visits per year.

The relocation of the Landmark Hotel from its previously approved location on a harbour pier onto the land in the north-west corner of the Barangaroo South site, has led to a number of other changes to the public domain, space use mix and proposed built form across Barangaroo South.  The details of these changes, which are subject to planning approval, are set out in the links on this page.

Disclaimer: Proposed new masterplan - subject to approval

The two other parts of Barangaroo are Barangaroo Point and Central Barangaroo.  Lend Lease is not responsible for the development of either of these areas.

Barangaroo Point is being developed by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority as a 6ha naturalistic headland park.  The park is due to open in mid-2015.

Central Barangaroo is intended to be the cultural heart of Barangaroo with a mix of residential, commercial, retail, civil and cultural space and waterfront parkland.  A new masterplan has been developed for Central Barangaroo which is also subject to planning approval.  The BDA is conducting a tender process with Lend Lease being shortlisted as one of the developers for the three development blocks contained within the 5.7ha Central Barangaroo site.

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