Realise a whole new side of Sydney Play

Realise a whole new side of Sydney

Barangaroo is a once in a generation development on the waterfront of Sydney Harbour, in the heart of the CBD

The 22 hectare precinct will include over 75 retail experiences, in excess of 100 floors of office space at International Towers Sydney (ITS), six hectares of lush green parkland at Barangaroo Point, a promenade connecting 14 kilometres of the harbour foreshore, and beautiful residential apartments. But urban renewal isn’t just about what gets built, it’s about bringing an unused area back to life, forming new communities and strengthening existing ones.
When you come to Barangaroo, you’re not just discovering 50 new restaurants; you’re discovering the creativity and personalities of the chefs in Sydney’s thriving food scene. You’re not just discovering new parkland and a promenade; you’re learning new ways to play, relax and have fun by the harbour. And you’re not just discovering new offices and homes; you’re becoming part of a community that enjoys all these things together. So whatever you come to Barangaroo for, you’re discovering a whole new side of Sydney.

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